Understand the difference between DC and AC

The fifth episode of AddOhms tackled the difference between AC and DC.  One of the things I wanted to stress in this tutorial is that even though the acronyms stand for “current”, they get used to describe voltages as well.  Which, after a video on the difference between voltage and current, seemed like something that needed to be stated.

No behind the scenes for this one, just the finished video.

A new series on AddOhms, Electronics basics, starting with: Voltage, Current, and Power Explained.

Starting with this new AddOhms TutorialCast series, we are taking a look at Electronics Basics.  The first topic is on the differences between Voltage, Current, and Power. The twist on this explanation is that we are not using the usual “electricity is like water” analogy engineers seem to love.  Instead, we just use plain language to explain the difference between these concepts.

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Introducing the AddOhms TutorialCast

Over the past several months I have been kicking around a new way to teach non-engineers about electronics.  My idea is to use simple language to explain complex engineering subjects.  Each video will be in the range of 3-5 minutes.  While putting together the first couple of topics I started to realize I wanted this to be something to stand on its own.

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