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nRF7002 DK vs EK vs EB Hands-On

Workbench Wednesdays #82

In August 2022, Nordic Semiconductor announced its first Wi-Fi product. The nRF7002 is a dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) Wi-Fi 6 compatible companion IC. It does not have a general-purpose microcontroller built-in. Instead, Nordic intends for you to combine it with another microcontroller, like one of their nRF52 or nRF53-series system on chip (SoC).

Nordic and the element14 Community sent me an nRF7002 Development Kit (DK), Evaluation Kit (EK), and some nRF7002 QFNs. I reviewed the nRF70 variants in this video and looked at the various boards. As the thumbnail suggests, I connected the Wi-FI transceiver to a FPC1500 spectrum analyzer.

You might be wondering what I am doing with the nRF7002 QFNs. Well, there is a big hint near the end of the video! You’ll have to watch it to see.

For more information, check out the post on the element 14 community.

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