When I was in elementary school, I remember Ms. Coker telling us we needed to memorize our multiplication tables because we wouldn’t always have a calculator.  Years later in college I was told, “learn to use the library, it’s not like you can carry the internet in your pocket.”

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Seems strange that I always carry 3 devices on me that do both.

Today a generation of people are growing up with the mass of all human knowledge available to them from birth. No formal education is necessary. And the only need is a modern device with WiFi.

However. Not all accessible information is equal. Which is why I created the AddOhms Electronics Tutorial Video series. Instead of teaching Electrical Engineering as an engineer to other engineers, I’ve created a series that uses simple language to explain electronics to anyone.  And now the growing YouTube series, is available for sale on DVD!

Keep reading to learn more about Volume 1 of the AddOhms DVD.

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(P.S.  The first batch on Tindie were hand made and include a special thank you…)

What is AddOhms Electronics Tutorials

AddOhms BJTs As a Switch

If you aren’t familiar with AddOhms, the videos are shot with whiteboard animations. Approximately once a month I release them on the YouTube Channel and at www.addohms.com.

 Volume One Topics

Volume 1 covers the first 13 video created. The schematic videos are the toughest for me to watch because I was still learning my style. My favorite video of the first batch is the one on MOSFETs.

If you’re interested in buying the DVD, I am selling AddOhms Volume 1 on Tindie.

3-Part Schematic Series

Basics Series

Microcontrollers Series

Components Series

Making these videos are fun.  So I hope others learn something from them. If you subscribe to this blog [RSS], you can get behind the scenes looks at each one of them.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel, while you’re at it!

AddOhms DVD Volume 1 with Disc
AddOhms DVD Volume 1 with Disc

Why, when they are free already?

You might be asking, why would I buy this DVD if I can watch them on YouTube for Free? Well, good question. For one, the purchase supports me in creating new video tutorials. Also, there is an Extras DVD full of other video content, including some “behind the scenes” stuff.

If you’re like most readers on this blog, the DVD might be a bit to high-level for you. If so, that’s okay. I hope you keep the channel and the DVD in mind for friends or colleagues who might want to learn about electronics. Please share them!

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Original video Introducing the DVD

What other topics do you think should be covered on AddOhms videos?

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