Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified (2nd Edition)

Let me start by saying, this book is not for new comers, or (ugh) “newbies”, to electronics.  This book is intended for those who have a solid understanding of electrical engineering fundamentals, but want to expand to the next level.  Bogatin’s amount of detail is on-par with a textbook but writing style is more casual.

Understanding signal integrity use to be “Black Magic.”  It is taught in a language which resembles engineering speak, but sounds like randomly assembled terms purposefully meant to confuse people.  Personally, I remember hearing “signal integrity engineers talk” and wondered if they were speaking in code.

Review: 5 out of 5

Bogatin’s book provides the missing ground plane for understanding Signal Integrity.

If you’ve ever heard Dr. Bogatin speak live, you know that he isn’t that kind of SI “guy.”  His approach uses plain language, strong analogies, and builds up explanations in layers so you learn something every time. It doesn’t matter what level of understanding you’re at, it builds.   That’s where “Signal and Power Integrity Simplified” really shines.  It’s Bogtain’s narration, in text form.

Didn’t get a chapter?  Just read it again, you’ll pick up more.


As usual, I picked the Kindle version.  In fact, I bought mine during Eric’s session at the 2014 IEEE EMI Symposium in North Carolina.  The Kindle version works well.   Obviously, the subject matter is deep and worth multiple reads.  Pair this book with one of his SI Academy seminars ( and you’ll be significantly ahead of your colleagues.

Also, at the time of writing, the Kindle version was about 1/2 the printed version.  I am glad to see this fair pricing difference, which isn’t common for deeply technical texts like this one.


As I already said, this book isn’t for you if you are a beginner.  And it isn’t for you if you want to push your electrical engineering knowledge to the next level.  However, if you’re ready for the next level, this book is waiting for you.

Review: 5 out of 5

The writing style, subject matter, and pricing are all positives for this book.  This results in a 5 LED Review!

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  1. Hope this doesn’t end up in the “bit bucket.” I know an engineering student currently pulling his hair out over Kirchoff’s Law. How important is knowing how to work Kichoff’s Law problems in circuit design beyond an electrical engineering course?

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