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Content Creation

James is a full-time freelance technical content creator.

There are multiple ways I can help with a new product introduction (or re-introduction.) For example, I can write articles for placement in industry publications. Or we can work together to create scripts for more engaging videos. I can even help you clean up sales tools like training presentations, competitive comparisons, and application guides.

Review My Product

Have something that might interest other electronics engineers? Send it my way, and I can give it a Bald Engineer review. Please do not contact me about PCB manufacturing services, however.

Product or Project Tip

On News, I write short stories on a variety of topics. For example, if you have a product targeting electronics engineers, you can tell me about it below. Generally, I cover new microcontroller boards, sensors targeting edge machine learning, and printed circuit board design.

It isn’t all business, though. I also cover fun and unique projects. My passion is for vintage (or retro) computing electronics. Tell me about your project, and I’ll see if I can write it up!


Are you a fellow content creator? Let’s do something fun together. It could be a joint live stream, shared video project, a Bald Engineer cameo explanation, or even guest posting to each other’s blogs.