NXP’s MCX FRDM Board Hands-On

Featuring the MCX-A and MCX-N

Check out NXP’s latest microcontroller boards. These boards of their new MCX-A and MCX-N microcontrollers. The form factor is what NXP calls Freedom (FRDM.)

The MCX line of microcontrollers, each with its unique set of features, caters to a wide range of projects. The MCX-A, a general-purpose microcontroller, is ideal for entry-level projects, while the high-performance MCX-N is designed for advanced AI/machine learning tasks. NXP recently started shipping the MCX-N, adding to its versatility and appeal.

The FRDM boards, with their various connection options, provide a high level of flexibility in design. NXP’s inclusion of an onboard simplifies the programming and debugging process, ensuring a smooth development experience. However, I did encounter some issues with the development environment. 

The VS Code install was not smooth, and some of the examples from NXP’s Application Hub would not load. The Eclipse-based MCUXpresso fared slightly better, but it refused to program the MCX-N board for some reason.

With onboard debuggers, versatile connectivity options, and an affordable price range, these boards are an exciting option for any embedded designer. 

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