Golden Delicious (Mega IIe)

Mega IIe Supercon 2023 Talk is now Live!

I must extend a big “Thank You!” to Lewin Day at Hackaday for this excellent Mega IIe write-up. Accompanying the post is an archived recording of my Supercon 2023 talk. That talk is where I gave a complete overview of the Mega IIe project and showed off the final case design for the first time! This project is where I took the Mega-II chip out of an Apple IIGS and built a fully compatible Apple IIe around it—something that not even Apple ever did!

Hackaday’s Superconference 2023 took place in Pasadena, CA. In addition to talking about the Mega IIe, I hung out with many great people from the electronics hardware community and saw many incredible talks.

You can download my slides from this resource page.

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