AddOhms #7 – Comparing Arduino and Raspberry Pi

The seventh AddOhms TutorialCast has gone “live”. (Gone “uploaded” sounds wrong.) Being able to understand difference between an Arduino and a Pi is a critical point for many new electronics hobbyist. The boards seem so similar, but they are so different.  AddOhms #7: Comparing the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Full Episode Notes are available on the Episode’s homepage.

As usual, here’s a quick behind the scenes shot from production.  One of the differences between this AddOhms video and the previous 6 is that this one was completed in less than 24 hours (after script was written).  So all photography, screen captures, drawings, editing, and voice over were done in one calendar day.  This is the fastest I’ve ever done a video and have product time below 20 hours for the first time.  Needless to say, I’m learning as these go!

Special Guest Stars:  Tux, Brains, and the Raspberry Pi

Special Guest Stars: Tux, Brains, and the Raspberry Pi

Also, this project marks the first time I processed everything with Apple’s Motion 5, instead of Final Cut.  Amazing how much time you can save when you use the right tools!

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