Unboxing Hackerboxes and more Q&A on AddOhms Live

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Watch Archived Video: Unboxing Hackerboxes

Over the past year, I have been a Hackerboxes subscriber. When the first couple arrived, I opened them up immediately. In fact, I got my first ESP32 through Hackerboxes.

Sadly, I got caught up in so many things I stopped opening them causing them pile up. So to close out 2017, I’m Unboxing Hackerboxes live while answering your electronics questions.

If you haven’t been to an AddOhms Livestream yet, here’s what to expect:

  • Brief Introduction
  • 20 minutes or so on specific topic
  • Answer question I’ve received recently
  • Answer the chat’s questions

Actually, the last part isn’t correct. I answer the chat throughout. So it is a great way to interact live!

Head over to the AddOhms Livestream page and click the bell icon to get notified when the stream starts. Or you can hit the button below to add the event to your calendar.

Watch Archived Video: Unboxing Hackerboxes

Fan of making things beep, blink and fly. Created AddOhms. Stream on Twitch. Video Host on element14 Presents and writing for Hackster.IO. Call sign KN6FGY.

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