Alvaro and Jen invited me to discuss the reverse engineering aspect of the Mega IIe project on the Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast. We focused on some of the finer details about the Mega-II chip’s operation. The discussion followed many rabbit holes. (Totally my fault and not theirs!)

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We also talked a little bit about how to (not) identify unlabeled capacitors when reverse engineering hardware. The to-long-did-not-read (tldr;) is that for multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), there isn’t much you can do. You can use an LCR to determine the capacitance, but there isn’t a non-destructive way to determine the rated voltage. I did offer one suggestion related to waterfall tables.

We also talked about a project I almost forgot about… the UnitiBlue.

If you are not familiar with Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast, then I highly recommend adding it to your podcast list. Other episodes are great deep dives into reverse engineering hardware.


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