Bald Engineering Praying

The next AddOhms Tutorial is how to design a DIY Arduino board. What are the elements you need to include in your own circuit design? While editing the video, I ended up on this frame. It looked to me like I was praying. (At one point I was having serious technical issues with my equipment. But it is unrelated to that frame!) On Twitter, my friend Philip had a different take.

You bring the two hemispheres of Plutonium together like this, and then a short while later...

What caption comes to mind when you see this picture? Leave a comment with yours.

Op-Amp Question

If you can’t think of a caption, maybe you can help with a different question. What your favorite LM741 op amp alternative? I’ve been working on some tutorials and videos on op-amps. I’d like to incorporate something other than the old stand-by.


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  1. What is James doing? Option #1: Slow clap. #2: About to tell us his brilliant plan for taking over the world. #3: Holding back a sneeze. But let’s to the important part, where does one purchase a “Load *,8,1” sticker?????

  2. My old standby is Maxims MAX406 and all it’s relatives. A tad expensive but never fails. Micro-power, very low input bias, very easy to use. recommended by someone who knows their op amps

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