Your challenge, if you chose to accept it, is to determine why EAGLE is showing a ratsnet connection on the far left of the PCB layout. The pads shown with the yellow unrouted line are both GND. They are both surrounded by a ground plane, which is also connected to GND.

Hint: it isn’t a bug and it is something many people might ignore by mistake.

Can’t figure it out? Or you want to see if you got it? Use a ROT-13 converter for the answer:

Gurer vf ab culfvpny pbaarpgvba orgjrra gur tebhaq cynar gung P9 naq 3I3_CJE ner fvggvat ba. Fb juvyr gurl obgu unir n TAQ cynar ninvynoyr, gur cynarf nera’g pbaarpgrq!

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  1. Gur tebhaq cynar unf ab pbaarpgvba orgjrra gur cneg ba gur yrsg naq gur cneg ba gur evtug. Fb bs pbhefr gurer vf bar pbaarpgvba zvffvat, juvpu vf jung Rntyr fubjf. Orfvqrf, lbh unir n frpbaq engfarfg pbaarpgvba gb gur yrsg bs gur APC1117. Gung vf orpnhfr gurer qbrf abg frrz gb or n “cebcre” CPO genpr orgjrra gur fvtany genpr naq gur pbzcbarag cnq.

  2. YBY, pbaarpgrq gb TAQ va anzr bayl !

    Edit: I converted this post to rot13. Please don’t post the answer in the comments.

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