When it comes to schematic capture and circuit simulation on a mobile device, iCircuit for iOS got it right from the start. iCloud integration, intuitive touch controls, and fast application performance. Now (or Finally?), my favorite mobile circuit simulator, iCircuit, is available for OS X.

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iCircuit is based on the Falstad Circuit Simulator, which sadly, is a Java-based web app. For years I’ve installed the App on my iPhone and iPad almost immediately after turning on iCloud [for Android users, that’s basically the first step of activating an iOS device].

Editing video has been something I enjoyed doing since High School.  There I used my first tape-based NLE video system to make a Jeopardy episode where I played both a contestant and the host. In the skit I got into an argument with myself.  Of course that was long before tools like Final Cut, After Effects, or even digital video cameras existed.  Now anyone can do cheap effects for fun. Speaking of cheap effects, using…

Open source software that isn’t signed by an identified developer can cause headaches upgrading it on OSX. While working with the Arduino Due the first time, I downloaded 1.5 Beta of the Arduino IDE and ran into this error:

“Arduino is damaged and can’t be opened.  You should move it to the Trash.

Here’s why you see the “… is damaged and can’t be opened” dialog and how to fix it.