BinBoo Control Board, Alive

Control Board with LEDs by JamesC4S

The control board is up and running, with some re-work. Shown next to the working LEDs is my original inspiration.  Last Christmas my brother gave me the ThinkGeek Binary watch.  Since then I’ve been fascinated with binary clocks.  Finally I had an idea that can help with other projects.

Now that this board is up and running, I am looking forward to assembling the case.  The case is being built by Ponoko.  Based on Google SketchUp, it is going to look like this:

Binary Clock Google Sketchup

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One thought on “BinBoo Control Board, Alive

  1. Jim,

    While looking up information on programming for driving LED’s with arduino – I ran across you site and some of your projects. I would like to discuss a project that I need some help with. I am looking for someone to develop a board and program that would allow me to set the blink rates of up to say around 30 individual LEDS (give or take a few).

    I look forward to hearing from you.