How many times have you been part way through ordering parts for a project when you realize the distributor you are using, doesn’t have any of the part you need in stock? Or maybe you want to design a kit and compare prices of parts. This is where comes into play. This awesome free resource will scan inventory across a variety of distributors for a given part number.  Not only will you see inventory levels but it is also a fast way to compare prices.

The search works for nearly any kind of component.  Let’s take the popular TLC5940 from TI.  This LED driver chip is used quite a bit, so let’s see who has them and who has the best price available.

The first three results when searching for the TLC5490 show that Newark has some stock at $2.74 each while Arrow is at $2.32 but no stock available.  This sure beats going from web site to web site trying to find who has the best deal or any inventory available.

Have a part you need to find?  Then give a try!


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