From Jan 1 2014 until today, baldengineer.com’s traffic has increased 150%.  With so many new readers, I thought about how to make better posts for you.  That lead me to look at the top posts in 2014. Below are the most viewed posts from the past year, plus some honorable mentions.

Top 10 Posts from 2014

  1. 5 Myths Everyone Believes about Arduino (that aren’t true)
  2. millis() Tutorial: Arduino Multitasking
  3. Arduino: How do you reset millis() ?
  4. MSGEQ7 Simple Spectrum Analyzer
  5. When do you use the Arduino’s Serial.flush()?
  6. Arduino: Sending and Receiving Multi-Digit Integers
  7. Arduino Internal Pull-Up
  8. LED Basics
  9. Open Vapors – Open Source Toaster Reflow Oven – Overview
  10. Alternatives to Arduino’s Serial Monitor