I must extend a big “Thank You!” to Lewin Day at Hackaday for this excellent Mega IIe write-up. Accompanying the post is an archived recording of my Supercon 2023 talk. That talk is where I gave a complete overview of the Mega IIe project and showed off the final case design for the first time! This project is where I took the Mega-II chip out of an Apple IIGS and built a fully compatible Apple IIe around it—something that not even Apple ever did!

Sharing is the maker community’s foundation. When you share projects with others, you contribute to the community. In the past, you might just post your project on a personal website. Today there are many options to share projects.

This weekend I “finished” my reflow oven controller, Open Vapors. Believe it or not, five years ago there were not a bajillion similar projects. In fact, I based my design on the only completely open source project I found. It is a reflow oven controller Arduino shield from Rocket Scream.

After completing my controller, I was excited to share the project. Then I started to think about where to post the files. Obviously, here at baldengineer.com is one option. But I wondered. Is there a better place where others could benefit from my work?

This post is a few notes on the platforms used to share projects. At first, these might seem like they all serve the same purpose. From a high level that is true. However, there are small differences that you should consider when you share projects with the open source hardware community.