mega IIe


The Apple II’s CPU clock has jitter or a glitch. This issue is not new—it has been present since its original design in 1977! Bald Engineer uses an oscilloscope to show how often the glitch occurs and how to correlate that jitter to its source—which is useful when you are not testing 40-year-old devices. The device under test (DUT) in this video is the Mega IIe project. It’s a fully compatible Apple IIe built around the Mega II chip.

Parker and Stephen invited me back to discuss the Mega IIe project on the MacroFab Circuit Break podcast. This discussion was far more casual than my past appearances. It was the first time I didn’t feel the need to do any prep work for their excellent questions!

We talked through the overall experience of rev 1, rev 2, and rev 3. I appreciated the chance to talk about my motivations behind the Mega IIe project, why I like the Apple II platform so much, and getting to nerd out with Parker on analog video signal concepts.

Most of these pictures from the Mega IIe project did not make it into a video or talk. There were many “behind the scenes” style shots. Some of the pictures have titles and descriptions. I work on them when I have free time. Let me know your favorite!