Accurate RTC Shield with Kapton Stencil
Accurate RTC Shield with Kapton Stencil
For the past couple of weeks I have been working with the DS3231 Maxim. This chip is a I2C based RTC with an integrated temperature compensated oscillator and crystal.This means despite changing temperature conditions, it will maintain a very accurate track of time. If you’re interested in the first rev of the PCB, let me know. I have a few available. They are functional, however, the prototyping area came bad.I have a set of new ones with a proper prototyping area, reset button, and power LED in process.

Check out more on the  Accurate RTC Shield Project Page


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  1. Charlie Hatchette Reply

    I’m interested in your RTC shield using the DS3231. Do you have any available for testing? Any time estimate for firmware?

    [email protected]

    • Hi Charlie, I just got in new PCBs but won’t be able to populate them until next weekend. Where are you located?

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