Starting with this new AddOhms TutorialCast series, we are taking a look at Electronics Basics.  The first topic is on the differences between Voltage, Current, and Power. The twist on this explanation is that we are not using the usual “electricity is like water” analogy engineers seem to love.  Instead, we just use plain language to explain the difference between these concepts.

From a production point of view, I am really having fun with these videos.  Using some green card stock, imagination, and easy to use tools, I am able to achieve some pretty cool effects.  Well, I think they are pretty cool.  Check out this screen shot from Final Cut Pro X.

AddOhms S02E01 Power, Current, Voltage

The “compound clip” feature of FCPX makes the timeline look much (much) cleaner than it actually is.  As a sneak peak, here’s an example of one of the last shots I setup.  Notice all the green?

AddOhms S02E01 Behind the Scene

Let me know if you have questions on the content or the process I am using to produce it in the comments below.


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