The following resources compliment my EAGLE Introduction Classes and eBook.  Files mentioned in those resources will be provided here, although, the original creators may have newer versions available.

EAGLE Tutorials

These are EAGLE tutorials I have created.  There is a mix of written and video content.

More EAGLE Stuff

The following lists are resources which I have found on the web, which compliment my work in EAGLE.  Often questions like “what is the best PCB place” or “who makes the best PCBs” gets asked.  Best is subjective.  These tools and manufacturers are ones that work best for me.

PCB Manufacturers


Currently, my primary prototype PCB supplier is OSHPark. Their customer service, board quality, and speed is very good. Boards have a distinctive purple solder mask and with a gold finish. They solder very well and look great. Their ordering interface provides very detailed renderings of the finished boards as well as individual layers. You know exactly how the boards will be fabricated before hitting buy.


For larger runs with configuration options, like solder mask color, I have used SeeedStudio’s Fusion Service in the past. (Any of my PCBs that are white came from Seeed.) Their service lets you change every aspect of the finished board: color, thickness, copper weight, etc.

SeeedStudio Fusion Service

GERBER Viewers

Before sending GERBER files to get produced, it is a good idea to use a third-party tool to view them.  This gives you a chance to catch mistakes either in your design or in the layers used to generate the GERBER.

Free Web Tool

This web tool allows you to upload all of the GERBER files as a zip file and view them individually.

Web-based Gerber Viewer:


Pentalogix’s ViewMate is a commercial software for viewing and editing GERBERs.  In addition to viewing, I used this software in an Instructable on how to create a Kapton Stencil with a Laser Cutter.  The free version of this software allows you to locally view GERBERs.  It is Windows Only and does require you to give your email address to download it.

ViewMate Pentalogix Gerber Viewer (Windows Only):


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