Version 0.1

MacCaching is best describe as iTunes for Geocaches.

When I received my Garmin eTrex Venture for my birthday, I was dissappointed to see the software selection for my iMac. GPSBabel has a OSX port, but it didn’t work with my unit. GPS Connect looked promising, but doesn’t appear to be in active development.

As I got started with Geocaching, I found I wanted a way to organize all of the little GPX files litering my desktop. I also thought it’d be nice if I had a central place I could come back to and see the list of caches I’m currently seeking. In other words, something to link me back to

Anyway, I set out to create the following program
Basic: Transfer GPS Coordinates to/from my GPS in OS X.
Intermediate: Allow me to manage waypoints/caches I’m “working on.”
Advanced: Integrate with

I’m nearing my 0.1 milestone:
– Functional user interface with iTunes-like functionality.
– To achieve a functional UI, the backend needs to be completed first.

Outstanding issues:
– Drop and drop between coordinate list and playlist window
– Editing waypoints/caches in the coordinate list
– Offer display options for the coordinate (DDMMSS, ##.####, etc)
– Add preferences controls for the two XMLs.

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