Roadmap to v1.0

– Basic Libary Support
– Basic Playlist Support
– Integrate the coordinate converter utility

– Initial gpsbabel support. Upload/Download
– Expanded GPX support (geocache namespace support)
– Actual Syncronization

Somewhere in 0.3 – 0.9:
– “Sync to iPod” for Paperless caching
– Nested Playlists.
– Feedback system (e.g. type of unit being used)
– Check for updates feature
– Google Maps integration
– Copy / Paste -> Parse pocket query emails
– Getting Started Wizard/Assisant

The versioning system will work like this x.y.z.
x = Major Release
y = Minor Release
z = Sub Release

This post will be updated as I update the program’s Roadmap.
– Basic Printing support. I have an idea which probably won’t happen until the 2.0 release. However, I want some basic printing functionality.

– This release will be focused on robustness and exception handling. The first 0.9-series of releases will be the start of a code freeze

– Proud enough to call it 1.0.

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