Op Amp Circuits by Bob Pease

TI AN-31 Torn Paper

Op amps are one of the most versatile ICs in electronics. A purely analog device, they can be used for amplification, summing, integration, and a whole host of other circuits. AN-31 from Texas Instruments is 32 pages of op amp circuits. (Note: this document was created before TI acquired National Semiconductor.)

Even more amazing is that the author is Bob Pease. If you never heard of Mr. Pease, please spend a few minutes right now reading this TI page dedicated to him. His contributions to electronics are nearly immeasurable. (Sadly, he was involved in a car accident after attending the funeral of his equally famous engineering friend, Jim Williams.)

Download AN-31 from TI


Regarding Op Amps, circuits found in this application note include:

  • Inverting Amp
  • Non-Inverting Amp
  • Difference Amp
  • Inverting Summing Amp
  • Non-Inverting Summing amp (with High Input Impedance)
  • Fast Inverting Amp with high input impedance
  • Non-inverting AC Amplifier
  • Practical Differentiator
  • Integrator
  • Fast Integrator
  • Current to Voltage Converter
  • Threshold Detector for Photodiodes
  • Double-Ended Limit Detector
  • Multiple Aperture Window Discriminator
  • Offset voltage adjustment op-amp based amplifer types
  • Sine Wave Generators
  • Free-running multivibrator (eat that 555!)
  • Wein Bridge Size Wave Oscillator
  • Function Generator (Square and Triangle Wave Outputs)
  • Pulse Width Modulator (forget anlaogWrite()!)
  • Bilateral Current Source
  • Positive voltage reference (Use it with as a Zener “Regulator”)
  • Negative voltage reference
  • Precision Current Sink
  • Precision Current Source
  • Instrument Amplifiers
  • Precision Clamp
  • Fast Half Wave Rectifier
  • Precision AC to DC Converter
  • Low Drift Peak Detector
  • Sample and Hold
  • Tunable Notch Filter
  • Variable Capacitance Multiplier
  • Simulated Inductor (what?!)
  • High and Low Pass Filters
  • Current Monitor
  • Power Booster
  • Analog Multiplier
  • Fast Zero Crossing Detector
  • Piezoelectric Transducer Amplifer
  • Temperature Probe
  • Photodiode Amplifier
  • Temperature compensated logarithmic converter
  • Root Extractor
  • Cube Generator
  • Anti-log generator
  • … and more

I skipped some of the repeats and variants. But seriously. Can you believe how many different circuits that be built from the humble operational amplifier? To be perfectly honest, I don’t even recognize some of those circuits. But. Seeing them in this application note makes me want to go and build them.

Download AN-31 from TI


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