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Check out a SDR based on the Teensy
Teensy SDR Panel from Open Emitter
Teensy Panel from Open Emitter
Several months ago I used my first software defined radio (SDR). This was a USB Dongle that did the digitizing and used Gqrx and GNU Radio for the actual decoding. Playing with an SDR is really fun. At the time I thought about using my Pi as the decoder, but found some performance issues. Imagine my surprise when I saw this project.

On rheslip’s Open Emitter blog, he has a project which turns a Teensy into a SDR. His latest update includes an enclosure for the project, making it a nice all-in one package.

At only 87mA it is slightly more power efficient than my PC-based or Pi-based setup.

What is a Teensy?

If you aren’t familiar with the Teensy, they are Arduino-compatible boards from PJRC. The Teensy 3.1, which is what this SDR project uses, is an ARM M4 with 256k of FLASH, 64k of RAM, and a 96MHz clock. Oh and it only costs $20.

You can find out more about the Teeny 3.1 here.

Teensy SDR Video Demo

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