v0.2.3 is almost ready

Tonight I spent most of time working on usability issues.  For example, now you can select multiple caches to delete or move to a playlist.  Also fixed the navigation in the cache list, so the keyboard’s arrows can be used now.  There was a bug when deleting caches from the main library.  They didn’t get deleted from the Cachelist.

I’ll package up another release once I finish with the Preferences Manager (1/2 done).

Paperless by iPod

Next week i start traveling for an extended period. One of the reasons I started this project was to help with caching in new areas. So I’m working on importing a pocket query from geocaching.com. Right now things like the descriptions and hints are lost on import. I’m working to not drop those.

In addition, I’m going to put hooks in for iPod syncing. You’ll have the option of sync through your Address Book or through the “Notes.” The trade-off is, your address book can become full of caches. However, to use the “Notes” you’d have to enable Disk Usage in iTunes.

For now I’ve put “sticky” preferences aside. I was creating my own preference file, which might not be the “mac” way to go. I should probably be using a “plist.” Since i don’t know how those work, I need to figure that out first.

Quick follow-up release: 0.2.1

After “releasing” 0.2, I realized there were a couple of hard-coded things which don’t work on other systems. I’ve resolved them. You can now delete waypoints from the library (or a playlist.) The only two ways to add waypoints is from a new “Download” or Importing a GPX file. Also I fixed the bug where the program wouldn’t actually call gpsbabel.

MacCaching v0.2.1 is now available for downloading (2.5mb).

Next on the list is “sticky” preferences.

Halloween Release

The screenshot isn’t up to date, I didn’t spell check the README, the icon doesn’t show up, and the list of known issues is longer than the features. However. If you’re looking for a Universal Binary that lets you communication with a Garmin GPS, you’ve got it. The best part, it is free. Not $100, not $49.99, or not even twenty-bucks.

Granted, it doesn’t do a whole lot…. yet.

I’m targetting an update every 2 weeks until 1.0.0.

The OSX disk image is available here.

Progressing toward v0.2

I made significant progress this weekend towards v0.2. I am able to download (transfer) GPS coordinates from my Garmin eTrex Venture and import them into the library. I paused work on the Library manager because of a bug in my development enviornment. Since I discovered a work-around, I will move back to completing the v0.1 features. After the final Library features are implemented, I’ll work on coordinate uploads. Once I can upload and download coordinates, I’ll release v0.2.

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Roadmap to v1.0

– Basic Libary Support
– Basic Playlist Support
– Integrate the coordinate converter utility

– Initial gpsbabel support. Upload/Download
– Expanded GPX support (geocache namespace support)
– Actual Syncronization

Somewhere in 0.3 – 0.9:
– “Sync to iPod” for Paperless caching
– Nested Playlists.
– Feedback system (e.g. type of unit being used)
– Check for updates feature
– Google Maps integration
– Copy / Paste -> Parse pocket query emails
– Getting Started Wizard/Assisant

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Version 0.1

MacCaching is best describe as iTunes for Geocaches.

When I received my Garmin eTrex Venture for my birthday, I was dissappointed to see the software selection for my iMac. GPSBabel has a OSX port, but it didn’t work with my unit. GPS Connect looked promising, but doesn’t appear to be in active development.

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