0.2.4. adds some key functionality while fixing a number of bugs. All reported bugs have been fixed, so if you see a problem, let me know. Download it from https://www.baldengineer.com/dl/

Here’s a few things added:
+ Links to Google Maps and Geocaching.com (double-click on a Cache)
+ Coordinate Editor Allows all Text Fields to be Edited (75% Complete)
+ .LOC files now supported (Geocaching.com Data Files)
+ Drag/Drop files (GPX or LOC) into Cache List
+ Transfer of select CacheLists (instead of entire Library)
+ Check for Updates Implemented
+ GPSBabel now included with Application Bundle

A huge issue people encountered was handling GPSBabel. It is now placed in the Application’s bundle for less hassle. Now you can drop MacCaching into your applications folder (or wherever you’d like).


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