It’s been a little quiet on the blog because I spent the last three weeks in Asia.  There’s some electronics enginerd stuff coming next week.  Until then, I hope you’ll excuse this rare off-topic post.  While in Tokyo I saw a number of awesome things and thought I’d share 2 of them:  ASIMO at the Miraikan Museum and  a dinner show at the Robot Restaurant.  Click Read More to check out some pictures and videos.

In July, I left on a trip that took my friend and I around the world.  While traveling, I kept a blog of the trip at visited New Zealand and Australia during winter.  After that we spent a week swimming and sunning on beaches in Bali.  Then we made some quick stops to Tokyo, Bangkok, and Egypt.  In Egypt, we got to ride camels and see the Pryamids.  While in London, I met with…

Snowstorm in Austria

This morning I woke up somewhere in Southern Austria. When I looked outside my window, I found a very heavy snowfall. My local colleagues tell me that we received somewhere between 50 and 60cm of snow. That is between 10 and 20ft, based on what I can see.

Four weeks ago, I developed a rash (no, not that kind). My dermatologist ( concluded it was a result of being exposed to extreme dry and cold conditions. In fewer words, I was allergic to Colorado. So, I moved from Colorado Springs back to Austin. Despite growing up in Northwest Indiana, which received significant amounts of snow fall and ridiculous below freezing temperatures, I am very warm blooded. After moving just 2 or 3 weeks ago and becoming acclimated to warm weather again, I found myself headed to Europe on a business trip.

This is my third extended visit to Europe. The previous two were in November and Januarys, respectively. Eventually I will visit Europe when I don’t need 9 layers of clothing.

The other day I had some time between client visits, so I set out to look for a couple of caches. The cache, GCPA29, was listed as a nano cache. This was my first one. Right before giving up on it, I accidently moved it. I thought the nano cache was a rubber screw head cover. Imagine my surprise! The cache originally had no name, so I suggested “Ticker Tape!” (You’ll notice that it is…