Arduino UNO SMD Amnesia

MRI Amnesia

On the Janurary 15, 2011 edition of Adafruit’sAsk An Engineer” live video chat, I heard LadyAda mention something about “Arduino Amnesia.”  After investing the situation a little further, it turns out there are some Issues with the new Arduino UNO Smd edition.

A bug in the new bootloader can be triggered on power-cycle causing the SMD version of the board to not load the previously stored sketch.  The good news is there is already a fix for the bug.  Either return the board to your Official Distributor or use a ISP to program the new bootloader.

Issues (if I could even use that word) like this makes Open Source Hardware fun!

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2 thoughts on “Arduino UNO SMD Amnesia

  1. Hi Greg,

    I’ll have to look around my old drives to see if I can still find the drivers. I have thought about re-creating the project as a Arduino shield.


  2. Hey there – hate to post this in the wrong place but the “Leave a Comment” section of your About page doesn’t work.

    Anyway…was unpacking and just found one of the old Uniti units I purchased from you in a box.

    Any chance you still have a copy of those drivers stashed somewhere that people could download?

    I realize it’s unlikely to work on a new OS but worth a shot – I really loved the thing and could see running emu’s out of a VM just to use it again.

    Any suggestions you could make on where to look?

    Again…sorry for posting this in the wrong place.