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What that DMM Beep Means – A Continuity Mode Tutorial | Workbench Wednesdays #23

Chances are, you have used the continuity mode of your digital multimeter. But how much do you understand about how it works? In this video, we break down how the mode works, what the beep means, and show examples of how to use it (correctly.) It might seem silly to spend so much time on such a simple mode.

However, I have run across a few posts on the Internet, including the element14 Community where people do not understand continuity mode. Sometimes it is just a lack of experience and sometimes it is a total lack of understanding of what is happening. The biggest mistake, of course, is trying to measure continuity on a powered circuit. That is just a no-go. So in this video, I wanted to show what the meter is actually doing, how it sees different components, and give a couple of real-life examples of how to use it.

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