The other day I had some time between client visits, so I set out to look for a couple of caches. The cache, GCPA29, was listed as a nano cache. This was my first one. Right before giving up on it, I accidently moved it. I thought the nano cache was a rubber screw head cover. Imagine my surprise! The cache originally had no name, so I suggested “Ticker Tape!” (You’ll notice that it is…

From the St. Petersburg Times: “The two mysterious visitors huddled around the sign to Dunedin Cemetery, poking and snooping around. Someone at former Dunedin Mayor John Doglione’s funeral saw the couple and called authorities.” http://www.sptimes.com/2006/11/06/Tampabay/An_adventure_made_for.shtml

The other day I ran across a great podcast called, Podcacher. As of this week, they are up to 76 shows. Sonny and Sandy put on a great show with all sorts of Geocaching related information. Their podcast is the most professional sounding non-professional podcast I’ve heard. (Even before their latest equipment donations!) If you search iTMS for “Podcacher” it’ll come up. Or head over to their blog and check out the Forums.