What was one of the first things you were taught, when learning to program?  “Comment Your Code!”  And of course, like all programming students, you ignored that advice.  Or, if you are like me, you made vague comments as the lines of “variable called var.”

Tonight I opened up some code I haven’t touched in two years.  Code that when I wrote it, made perfect sense to me… at the time.

The code was for my binary clock project, BinBoo.  So I need your help, check out the code below and see if you can help me remember what it does!

Status:  Completed
Hackster.io Project Page: https://www.hackster.io/baldengineer/binboo
Github Code:  https://github.com/baldengineer/BinBoo

BinBoo Binary Clock made out of Bamboo
Binary + Bamboo = BinBoo



Binary + Bamboo = BinBoo.  This project is my first attempt at making a laser-cut enclosure.  Ponoko was used to cut the project which holds itself together.  The LEDs are driven by an Arduino-based clock that incorporates a RTC1307, FTDI chip, ATmega328, and TLC5940.