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Signetics Write Only Memory 25120 Datasheet

Signetics 25120 Page 1-torn

Signetics started as an IC manufacturer. In 1975 they were bought by Philips Semiconductors, which is now NXP. Interestingly the address in the datasheet, I think, was the original site. Today, it’s home to a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. According to this Wikipedia article, it was created by John “Jack” Curtis. Apparently, it was included in a real Signetics catalog as a joke! Imagine that happening today. Additional information about the joke is available on (Which may be written by Jack himself, not entirely sure.)

Download Signetics 25120 WOM Datasheet


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  1. Promptjovk Reply

    I fondly remember this “datasheet” as it was part of a COLLEGE ELECTRONICS TEXTBOOK I had in 1978-1979! I still have the book (somewhere!) and I was telling some young co-workers about this chip. I’m glad Someone At Some Time made this little “treasure” available on the Internet… 🙂

  2. I used to have a hard copy of the original release. Unfortunately it was lost in one of my moves. It sure nice that it managed to survive time and shows up in PDF form now.

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