George at nbitwonder caught this outside the Armstrong Hall of Engineering Purdue while walking to class.  The signs read:

I think work should be about making things work.  Better.  Faster.  Smaller.  Smarter.  So I build bridges between what’s known and what’s not.  I tinker.  I toil.  I write poetically in an abundance of languages (including code).  I hack.  I dissect.  I have an insatiable desire to un-complicate the complicated.  I am easily inspired.  I believe that just because it hasn’t been thought of doesn’t mean it won’t be.  Potential is my thrill ride.  Imagination is my most-used tool.  I am a maker, and I am what moves the world forward.

The QR code at the bottom right of the poster decodes to:

Always good to see I picked the right school for my EE degree!

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