Can you can imagine what people thought about today, 20 years ago?  Think of all the crazy things you (or others) thought we would be doing today.  Like… Video phone calls from your car, perhaps?

Now use the same futuristc imagination to imagine if someone put together a plan to build a first generation NCC-1701 (“No Bloody A, B, C, or D”).  Not just a plan, but a plan to do so in 20 years!  If successful, we could get to the moon in a matter of days and Mars within College Football season.

Check our for more details.

Is there a Kickstarter page yet?


Fan of making things beep, blink and fly. Created AddOhms. Stream on Twitch. Video Host on element14 Presents and writing for Hackster.IO. Call sign KN6FGY.

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