Space Shuttle Infographic
Houston Chronicle 2005 – Discovery Returns to Flight

A long time fan of the NASA Space program, the last shuttle going up is a little bit sad.  Artist Alberto Cuadra has put together this infographic about the shuttle.   Originally created by the Houston Chronicle. (Citation missing, please comment if you have one!)

Over at Universe Today, there is a review of the book titled “NASA Space Shuttle Owner’s Workshop Manual.”  When I first started using the Internet (over dial-up at 28.8kps), I came across JPL’s website.  It lead me to the Operations Manual and Reference Guide for the Space Shuttle.  At the time I couldn’t believe such information was available to the public.  Then I realized, didn’t the public buy those machines in the first place?  It is a shame we are garaging them.

NASA Space Shuttle Owner’s Workshop Manual Book Review.