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Compare the ideal and measured cut-off frequency for a filter with a handheld LCR meter. Unlike a DMM, these meters apply an AC signal (from 100 Hz to 100 kHz) to determine the reactive component of an inductor, capacitor, or resistor. A simple example here is a low-pass filter. See how the ideal and measured cut-off frequency varies. And THEN, see how it compares between a PCB and a Breadboard.

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Oscilloscopes are available in many shapes and sizes. After figuring out how much bandwidth you need (or want), the next step is to choose the form factor. Do you go with the traditional bench style? When does it make sense to use a USB-based scope with your PC? And what about these newer tablets or battery-powered oscilloscopes? Learn the difference between them and see which one is best for you.

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Generating signals with a waveform, function, or arbitrary generator lets you test all kinds of circuits. Learn how to get a function generator to output a signal, the 3 types of waveforms you can create, and which controls matter. James, the Bald Engineer, explains the difference between analog and digital generators.

The video introduction is my first attempt at doing an LGR style “Tech Tales” story. It is short with only a few images. However, it is something I would like to do more of in the future. My professional career started at Agilent right when they split off from Hewlett Packard. Most of my co-workers had been there while Bill and Dave still worked at the company. Even though the computer division took the name, Agilent was HP’s core: test and measurement.

Someday I hope to see an actual 200A. Their place in history has become legendary. Some people say that Disney’s Fantasia could not be produced without it. However, Bill (or Dave) set the record straight. Disney’s engineers could have used another piece of equipment, however, they did select the 200A.

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