Desoldering Wick


Desoldering braid removes surface solder from a circuit board. It makes reworking PCBs easy and quick. With a few tips and tricks, products like MG Chemical’s Superwick can work like magic. You can remove solder from surface mount parts, wick away excess solder blobs, and repair boards using it. In this video, James shares tips and tricks from the element14 community for using desoldering braid. (Please note: the makers of Superwick, MG Chemicals, sponsored this video)

Microscope Solder Braid
Microscope image of desoldering wick.

One of my favorite shots in the entire episode is one of the microscope pictures. I often write a draft script of what I want to cover before I shoot all of the overhead video clips. In my notes, I wrote, “microscope to see the flux–can you even see it?” Imagine my surprise when I looked at Superwick under the microscope and could clearly see the flux on it.

This episode was sponsored by MG Chemicals