I made significant progress this weekend towards v0.2. I am able to download (transfer) GPS coordinates from my Garmin eTrex Venture and import them into the library. I paused work on the Library manager because of a bug in my development enviornment. Since I discovered a work-around, I will move back to completing the v0.1 features. After the final Library features are implemented, I’ll work on coordinate uploads. Once I can upload and download coordinates, I’ll release v0.2.

The first release I’m going to make available is v0.2.
True syncronization won’t happen until v0.3. I feel that will be the first version of MacCaching which offers something new that other OS X based GPS utilities don’t offer.

Also, I found that the USB to Serial adapter I have does not work well with OS X. It was based on a chipset from Profilic technologies. While some programs can interact with it okay, gpsbabel was not. I’ve decided I’m going to use gpsbabel since it supports so many GPS units already. I’ve found that the Keyspan adapter is much better suited for OS X and Garmin GPS units. It is about 2x more at $40(USA).

To be honest, $40 for a unit that works great out of the box, isn’t much to pay!


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