Rigol Offers 100MHz and MSO for $1,000 USD

Rigol Technologies Inc.


Oscilloscopes are the most critical tool when it comes to debug and analysis of electronic circuits.  In recent years, digital oscilloscopes finally surpassed their analog equivalents.  (10 years ago I would still make an argument for analog, but not anymore.)

The most innovative change to digital scopes came with “Mixed Signal Scopes.”  In addition to the high-resolution analog channels, you get 16+ digital channels time-correlated.  Digital channel in this context means only seeing a 0 or 1, kind of like a logic analyzer.

Rigol’s MSO1104Z combined 100MHz of Analog Performance on 4 channels along with 16 Digital Channels for $1000 (MSRP: $997) USD!  That’s an amazing package.  Full specs and Quote request available here.