Laser Cutter


Maker Faire, like any festival, is a combination of passion products, startups, and larger companies generating awareness. As I walked around, I noticed many logos and brands. An obvious one to see is Make Magazine. Another I saw that made sense is Digi-Key’s maker.io. They had a strong showing, along with the Arduino booth. But that one is expected since so many projects, not just electronics, have an Arduino in them. That said, there were five brands that I did not expect to see at Maker Faire (and most had something interesting to show.)

(Please note, no mentions came from paid placements. I am genuinely interested in their presence at the show.)

What is more American than an Apple Pie?  Why, a Pie designed in California, made in China.  This is one pie I’d like to jailbreak.  Is applying too much heat to this pie considered an upgrade?  Okay, that’s all the lame puns I have for this laser cut pie.

Evil Mad Scientist Labratories provides a tutorial on how to bake a Mac Mini Style Apple pie, complete with Laser Cutting Instructions.  Yeah that’s right, a laser cut pie.

Now that’s an Apple Pie! – Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.