Recently I realized most of my projects were all Arduino-based.  There are lots of other prototyping platforms available in the market, and the TI LaunchPad, based on the MSP430 is one of them.  In fact, I have had one of these boards sitting in my box of stuff ever since they came out.  At $5, they because an impulse purchase when I was buying some other stuff.

So, I dusted off the original box and recorded opening it up.  Let’s see how it works.


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  1. Haha, thanks for a great post!

    I spent an evening trying to install the toolchain manually under OSX Lion 1.7.5 but settled for Energia (a clone of the Arduino IDE) after a few hours. I managed to get code upload working with Energia.

    The upside is Energie required no extra drivers or software to get working and the downside is.. it´s built on Arduino IDE. 😛

    • Cool, I’ll have to check out Energia. I agree, being based on the Arduino/Processing IDE isn’t ideal, but it is better than the board sitting in my closet.

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