IoT (n): Internet of Things

  1. Things that connect with the internet, to share information.
  2. Devices that communicate with each other.
    1. No wait. Nothing does. It’s the Internet Of Nothing!

It continues to amaze me how few Internet of Things (IoT) devices actually communicate with each other. Isn’t Internet connectivity suppose to make it EASIER for things to talk? Computers have been communicating with the Internet for 45 years. Why can’t Light Bulbs from two manufacturers do it?

At some point someone has to come along to “fix” this situation. What is that solution going to look like and how much longer do we have to wait? Let’s get out of the HealthKit era of things talking to each other.


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    • Well, the date stamp for this post is January 28, 2016. Your article was from March 2018. So I was used the term you claim to coin, over two years before you coined it. And there are references of people using it as far back as 2011.

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