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10 Popular EAGLE Libraries

Having good libraries in EAGLE is critical to making schematic capture and PCB design fast.  Dave at element14 put together a top 10 library link, which includes the list below.

Remember, if you’re having trouble Add Parts, you might want to look at this tutorial on enabling EAGLE libraries.

  1. element14’s RIoTBoard
  2. element14’s Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit
  3. element14’s BeagleBone Black
  4. Linear Technology
  5. Molex
  6. Vishay
  7. Microchip
  8. Atmel
  9. Arduino
  10. Texas Instruments

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    • It’s from 8 years ago. I doubt it would be relevant anymore.

      Besides, Eagle probably won’t be around much longer.

  1. Does anyone know where I can obtain a Vishay P/N: IRFD9120PBF MOSFET with the HVMDIP package for the Eagle Library???


  2. You think about a KEMET library – KPS+, Mil Stacks and SM Family show uncommon layouts

  3. Great selection, and extremely useful considering schematic symbols and PCB footprints can definitely be a pain. At SnapEDA, we are also helping engineers with this with our free CAD library. We’ve created one centralized place to find Eagle libraries, regardless of which manufacturer. Please check it out!


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