Control Board with LEDs by JamesC4S

The control board is up and running, with some re-work. Shown next to the working LEDs is my original inspiration.  Last Christmas my brother gave me the ThinkGeek Binary watch.  Since then I’ve been fascinated with binary clocks.  Finally I had an idea that can help with other projects.

This screen shot is an all-layer view of my TLC5940 painter board.  The 1st draft featured two TLC5940s, but I decided it made the board too large.  Instead, I wanted the ability to mount the painter boards around the LED’s shadow box.  This should make routing all the wires much easier.

This pattern is called Row Your Boat. As one of the strips starts to get brighter, a nearby strip will join in the fading.  After completing a fade cycle, they start switching colors. There is a random strobe thrown in there as well.  The first 10 seconds are with a diffuser (piece of paper), the last 10 seconds are without.  The final panel will use a diffuser.