The 11th AddOhms Video is live and the subject is What is a MOSFET, and how to use them. This turned out to be the longest video I’ve made so far. In fact, I probably should have broken off the power dissipation part, but felt it needed to be addressed. I think many non-engineers look at a MOSFET (or regulator) datasheet and see a huge power value or current rating, but not realize you need a heatsink to achieve them.

For the behind the scenes look this time, I grabbed my GoPro Hero 3+ and recorded myself doing the Voice Over track. You can watch a few minutes of it, though honestly, not sure why you would!, here.

Something new is a format change.  I decided to start moving towards showing a little bit more of me.  So I’m testing the waters with an introduction and exit.  Any comments on how this works?


Fan of making things beep, blink and fly. Created AddOhms. Stream on Twitch. Video Host on element14 Presents and writing for Hackster.IO. Call sign KN6FGY.

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  1. Hi James,

    I really like your content and I can see you put a lot of production work into it. Very well thought out and useful information!

    I do have a suggestion for your MOSFET .pdf however: Add a prominent line/field for the part number of what is represented. There is plenty of white space to write something in, but I think the part number is critical information if you want to refer back to your notes at a later date, and if you forget to include it, the exercise is a complete do-over! Thanks for your great work!

    Best Regards, Dave

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