AddOhms #10: BJTs as Transistors

Every Addohms project follows the same pattern.  About 80% of my original idea makes it into the video while the remaining 20% I make up on the fly.  Of course, when I do that, I spend 80% of my time on that 20%.  AddOhms #10 on BJTs is no different.

For now, there is going to be a two part series on transistors.  #10 is the first part of this two part series.  We cover BJTs here and will cover MOSFETs in the next one.  (And hey, that one is already 20% written!)

Check out or the AddOhms YouTube Channel for more videos.

With each video I create, I get to understand Motion a little bit more.  Here’s a peak at what this project looked like while in progress.

BTS AddOhms 10 on BJTs

BTS AddOhms 10 on BJTs

Also, a couple of weeks before completing this, I made a “trailer” video for the YouTube channel.  Here’s the video if you are interested.  Nothing really educational, just a little bit of fun.

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