The web site Data Pointed is run by Stephen Von Worley who is an artist and scientist specializing in data visualization research.  He has created a Factor Conga which he describes as a promenade of primes, composites, and their constituents, arranged with an aesthetically-tuned variation of Yorgey’s rules, one per second. Check out the Animated Factorized Visualization, which appears to be all done with javascript.

When working with components like capacitors and inductors it is always helpful to know how to calculate a resonant frequency.   This Resonant Frequency Calculator is an excellent resource because it allows for calculating for Frequency, Inductance, or Capacitance.  Sometimes plugging in what you know is faster than working through some algebra. Check out the:  Resonant Frequency Calculator.

Documentation, Documentation.  Documentation. It is always critical to document progress is a log book.  If using an electronic tool like Evernote or a Blog, it can be difficult to document equations or calculations you’ve made in a project. Vision Objects has put together a demo tool that allows for writing your equation in freehand which then uses image recognition to covert into LaTeX code. For convenience, there is a direct link to WolframAlpha to calculate…