When I was working on BinBoo (A Binary Clock), I decided I was going to create a custom enclosure with a laser cutter.  The process took me a couple of iterations.  The very first box I had cut didn’t hold together because I didn’t make enough “teeth.”  The 2nd box included these and holds together solid.

After all of that work, I was pointed to BoxMaker which makes Laser Cutting a Box very simple.  Check out how easy it is with these 4 steps.

Step One:  Choose your Options

One of the big advantages to using this script is defining the material thickness.  For example, BinBoo is stuck with 3mm material because that’s how I designed the notches.  I have to re-design from the start to use another type of material.

Step Two:  Download the PDF

Step Three:  Check out the box

At this point the you can submit the file to a laser cutter or import it into a vector program to make modifications.  Simple, eh?

What’s really cool is, the script is open source and can be found here:   You can even Fork the code on GitHub.

[via Create a new box]

Several months ago I started a project to build a Binary Clock, using a Laser Cut enclosure.  The plan was to use Ponoko’s laser cutting service.  Looking through the materials available, I decided to use Bamboo.  Knowing I was going to build a Bamboo enclosure for a Binary clock, helped me come to the name BinBoo.  Even though I call it a Binary Clock, it is actually a BCD clock

There are still a few issues to work out, but I am very happy with v1.