The other night I happened to see a tweet come across my twitter stream from Joe Walnes (@joewalnes) about a resistor color code tool he created.  You can find it at the clever domain resisto.rs.  Type in a value and see what the proper color code should be.  This is great for when you need to go searching through a pile of resistors and want to make sure you have the code right.


Nice job @joewalnes!

Also, you can fork the code from github.

Documentation, Documentation.  Documentation.

It is always critical to document progress is a log book.  If using an electronic tool like Evernote or a Blog, it can be difficult to document equations or calculations you’ve made in a project.

Vision Objects has put together a demo tool that allows for writing your equation in freehand which then uses image recognition to covert into LaTeX code.

For convenience, there is a direct link to WolframAlpha to calculate the equation.  A preview of the LaTeX Equation is provided by the open-source MathJax javascript rendering engine.

Web Equation.